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Empowered Hawaiʻi Identity Design

Empowered Hawaiʻi is a television program on KHON2 that showcases positive solutions to environmental challenges. The show’s stories aim to inspire hope and empowerment, highlighting individuals and organizations making a difference in Hawaiʻi.

As Empowered Hawaiʻi entered its second season with a 2022 Emmy Nomination for its first season, the team wanted to expand its coverage and storytelling from energy into water, earth, and agriculture. This expansion prompted the need for a refreshed brand identity that would reflect the show’s evolution while maintaining its core values of hope, inspiration, and empowerment.



Graphic Design


Lifted approached the project by first conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current brand and its audience perception. Understanding the show’s mission and goals, as well as the expanded coverage areas, was crucial to developing a strategy that would resonate with viewers and stakeholders alike.

Design Concept

The new identity design for Empowered Hawaiʻi is inspired by the natural elements of Hawaiʻi—water, earth, and agriculture. The logo features a stylized letter “E” that embodies these elements, with fluid lines representing water, organic shapes representing earth, and growth patterns representing agriculture. The color palette includes earthy tones and shades of blue to reflect the show’s connection to nature.


The new brand identity was applied across various touchpoints, including the logo, website, promotional materials, and social media graphics. The website was redesigned to be more user-friendly and engaging, with a focus on showcasing the show’s episodes and featured stories. Social media campaigns were launched to promote the new season and engage with the audience.


The refreshed brand identity for Empowered Hawaiʻi was well-received by viewers and stakeholders, reflecting the show’s evolution while maintaining its core values. The expansion of coverage into water, earth, and agriculture was successfully integrated into the brand’s storytelling, inspiring hope and empowerment in its audience.

Through strategic design and a deep understanding of the client’s goals, Lifted Creative Studio was able to create a brand identity that not only reflected the evolution of Empowered Hawaiʻi but also resonated with its audience. The new identity will continue to inspire and empower viewers as the show continues to grow and make a positive impact in Hawaiʻi.