BāS Bookshop

Opened at the end of 2020 by Aly Ishikuni and Travis Sasaki, BāS Bookshop was born out of a sense of kuleana (responsibility) to revitalize the arts amidst the challenges of the pandemic. The shop serves as more than just a bookstore; it’s a multifunctional space that acts as a gallery and event venue, hosting exhibitions, artist talk-story sessions, workshops, and book signings. BāS Bookshop is a hub for creatives, offering a carefully curated selection of books on graphic design, art, fashion, photography, and architecture, along with handmade goods from local artisans.

Lifted had the privilege of collaborating with BāS to capture the essence of the bookstore through product and event photography, showcasing its unique offerings and vibrant atmosphere. Our goal was to capture the spirit of BāS through photography that highlighted its diverse range of offerings and its role as a cultural hub in Honolulu. This included photographing the bookstore’s interior, showcasing its unique layout and design, as well as capturing the essence of its events and workshops.

BāS Bookshop

2022 – 2023



The team at Lifted took a storytelling approach to the photography, aiming to convey the warmth and creativity that defines BāS Bookshop. They focused on capturing the details that make the bookstore special, from its carefully curated book selection to its cozy reading nooks and the vibrant atmosphere of its events.


The photos captured not only showcased the unique offerings of BāS Bookshop but also helped to convey its mission and values to a wider audience. The images were used across the bookstore’s website and social media channels, helping to attract new customers and build a sense of community among existing patrons.

Working with BāS Bookshop was not just a project for Lifted, but a meaningful collaboration with a client who shares a passion for supporting the arts and fostering creativity. The project not only resulted in beautiful photographs but also helped to further the bookstore’s mission of being a foundation for creatives in Honolulu.