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Hawaii Residency Programs Brand Identity Design and Website Development

Hawaii Residency Programs (HRP) was founded in 1982 through the efforts of advocates, community, and health organizations. These founding members created HRP to provide better medical care for the people of Hawai‘i by the advancement of medical education and training for medical residents in the State of Hawai‘i. Over time, HRP has expanded to include 17 ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs on O‘ahu with some programs offering clinical rotation experiences on the neighbor islands.

HRP, under new leadership and with a fresh vision, aimed to ensure their identity represented who they were and were becoming. They also sought to proactively promote awareness and consistency in their brand. Their goal was to establish a clear and unified identity to build trust among prospective residents and partners, raise awareness about their program offerings and history, and create a centralized online resource for shared information.

Hawaii Residency Programs, Inc.


Identity Design
Website Development

Brand Identity Design


  1. Clarify and unify HRP’s identity to establish trust and recognition.
  2. Enhance brand awareness about HRP’s role, offerings, and legacy.
  3. Create a cohesive and professional visual identity that reflects HRP’s values.


The new HRP logo is a custom combination of typography and graphic elements designed to convey HRP’s core values: compassion, integrity, transparency, intention, excellence, and teamwork.

  • Graphic Fauna Pattern: The la’i / ti leaf pattern represents unity, support, strength, and healing.
  • Typography: Crafted to present HRP as friendly, approachable, yet professional, aligning with both the medical and academic sectors.
  • Color Palette: Pacific Indigo for typography, with Golden Sunset and Electric La’i in the gradient spectrum, supporting natural and communal tones.

The brand system includes adaptable visual elements like the HRP Ti Leaf pattern, which can be rearranged and used across various branded materials to maintain a consistent yet dynamic visual identity.

Key Components

  • Logo: Combines graphic marks and typography to reflect HRP’s values.
  • Visual Elements: Ti Leaf pattern and approved textures/patterns to enhance brand cohesion.
  • Color Scheme: Reflects professionalism and warmth, aligning with HRP’s mission and values.

Website Development


  1. Implement the new brand identity cohesively across the digital platform.
  2. Upgrade the content management system to streamline information and communication.
  3. Provide a centralized application portal for residents and fellows.
  4. Establish a robust online presence as a foundation for future growth and engagement.


The new HRP website integrates the updated brand identity and features an upgraded content management system for better user experience and streamlined operations.

Key Features

  • Brand Integration: The new design elements are consistently applied across the website, reinforcing HRP’s identity.
  • Content Management System: Upgraded to simplify content updates and enhance site functionality.
  • Application Portal: Centralized location for resident and fellow applications, making the process more efficient.
  • Future-Proof Framework: Designed to allow for future enhancements, particularly in alumni engagement sections.


The new website provides a professional, cohesive, and user-friendly platform that aligns with HRP’s brand values and operational goals. It enhances HRP’s ability to communicate effectively with prospective residents, partners, and alumni, ensuring a strong online presence that can evolve alongside the organization.


Through strategic brand identity design and website development, Lifted Creative Studio helped Hawaii Residency Programs achieve a unified and professional brand presence, enhancing their ability to attract and engage with key stakeholders. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating impactful brands that resonate with their audiences and support their missions.


Lifted seamlessly aligned with our organization’s values and skillfully delivered on our vision and goals. Their discovery process was invaluable, ensuring our ideas were accurately reflected in the final product. The integration of new technology solved long-standing issues with our previous website. Their combination of care and expertise was instrumental in achieving our goals. Our new logo and website brought a significant change in our organizational identity and future vision. Designed with our community in mind, it now accurately reflects our priorities and strengthens our overall mission. We are a stronger organization thanks to Lifted Creative Studio.

Auliʻi Dudoit | Deputy Executive Director