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Beyond Ball Hawaii Brand Identity Design and Website Development

Beyond Ball Hawaii is an innovative indoor multi-sport youth center located on the east side of Oahu. Dedicated to serving all levels of youth athletes and open-minded families, Beyond Ball Hawaii focuses on long-term athletic development and year-round indoor skill work. Their mission is to cultivate growth over attainment by building character, providing a caring and positive environment, and embracing new approaches in youth sports. They believe in fostering well-rounded athletes who can continue to play and enjoy sports throughout their lives.

Lifted partnered with Beyond Ball Hawaii to establish and launch their business by developing a comprehensive visual identity and a dynamic website. Our goal was to create a brand that would resonate with younger local audiences and clearly convey Beyond Ball Hawaii’s unique multi-sport offering and caring spirit. We designed a modern, energetic logo and provided professional photography to capture the essence of their programs. The website we developed is user-friendly and visually appealing, featuring detailed program information and seamless integration with their booking app. This project successfully positioned Beyond Ball Hawaii as a competitive player in the local youth sports market, setting them up for ongoing success.

Beyond Ball Hawaii


Identity Design
Website Development

Brand Strategy Overview

Through our Discovery process, we identified the following key elements for Beyond Ball Hawaii’s brand identity:

  • Big Picture: Indoor multi-sport youth center serving all levels of youth athletes and open-minded families in Hawaii.
  • Unique Value: Multi-sport program focusing on long-term development and year-round indoor skill work.
  • Core Values: Building character, creating a caring and positive environment, and cultivating change in youth sports.
  • Brand Traits: Caring, humble, knowledgeable, and passionate.
  • Taglines:
    • “At Beyond Ball Hawaii, we empower youth athletes to stay in the game longer.”
    • “Let’s help our keiki have fun and play longer.”

Identity Design

Our research and discovery led to several themes we explored in the logo concepts:

  1. Abstract representations of progressive development.
  2. Visualizing fun and play.
  3. Capturing the feeling of multi-sport through simple shapes.

Chosen Concept

The chosen logo concept emphasizes progressive development with a clean, modern approach. The active energy appeals to young athletes looking to build skills and excel. The logo is bold, with a bit of mystery due to the negative space within the “b” mark. The arrow within the logo suggests continuous movement and growth.

Visual Elements

  • Color Palette: Bright and energetic colors that resonate with young athletes and convey a sense of playfulness and energy.
  • Typography: Modern and clean fonts that enhance readability and add to the overall fresh look of the brand.
  • Photography: We provided professional photography that captures the dynamic and engaging nature of the programs, showcasing the excitement and development of the athletes.

Website Development

The website we developed for Beyond Ball Hawaii is designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing, aligning with their new brand identity. Key features include:

  • Facility Information: Detailed descriptions of the facilities and rental options.
  • Program Details: Clear and concise information about the various programs offered, emphasizing the multi-sport aspect.
  • Booking App Integration: Seamless integration with their booking app, making it easy for users to register for programs and book facilities.
  • Visual Appeal: The design is clean and modern, with vibrant colors and dynamic elements that capture the energy and spirit of Beyond Ball Hawaii.


The new visual identity and website were instrumental in establishing Beyond Ball Hawaii’s business and launching them effectively. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the logo and website design receiving praise for their modern and energetic look. The website has successfully attracted their target audience, enabling a smooth registration and booking process, and positioning Beyond Ball Hawaii as a competitive player in the local youth sports market.

Our collaboration with Beyond Ball Hawaii successfully created a compelling brand identity and an engaging website that not only resonate with their target audience but also laid the foundation for their business. By focusing on their core values and mission, we helped them establish and launch their business, setting them up for future growth and success in the youth sports industry in Hawaii.