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Mana Movement Brand Identity Design

Mana Movement is a studio that offers a variety of dance and movement classes, including breaking and capoeira. Their mission is to provide affordable and accessible movement experiences for families while empowering current and future generations with mental, physical health, and community connection.

Mana Movement approached Lifted Creative Studio to develop a brand identity that would reflect their mission and vision. They needed a visual identity that would appeal to families and individuals interested in dance and movement, while also conveying a sense of empowerment and community.

Mana Movement



Our Approach

Lifted Creative Studio began by conducting a thorough analysis of Mana Movement’s target audience, competitors, and brand positioning. We collaborated closely with Mana Movement’s team to understand their values, goals, and unique selling points.

After gaining a deep understanding of Mana Movement’s brand, we developed a brand strategy that focused on three key pillars: inclusivity, empowerment, and community. We then began the design process, exploring various concepts and visual elements that would convey these pillars effectively.


The final brand identity for Mana Movement is a vibrant and dynamic visual identity that captures the spirit of movement and community. The logo features a dynamic, abstract shape that represents movement and energy, while the colors are bold and energetic, reflecting the studio’s lively atmosphere.

The typography is modern and friendly, making it approachable for families and individuals of all ages. Additionally, we developed a set of brand assets, including patterns and illustrations, that can be used across various touchpoints to create a cohesive brand experience.


The new brand identity has been widely embraced by Mana Movement’s community and has helped to attract new customers. The studio has seen an increase in class attendance and has received positive feedback on the new brand image.

Overall, the brand identity design project has helped Mana Movement to better communicate its mission and vision to its audience, while also creating a strong foundation for future growth and success.